Azul Engine Project!

今天参加了Azul Engine Project的Kick-off meeting, 回来就立即给老师发信了!!!!!突然感觉这或许就是我追寻了多年的东西! 下面是我今天发的email,纪念下!

Professor Keenan,

My name is Jin Han. I’m an international student from China in Game development master degree major. Forgive me about my poor English.

I attended the kick-off meeting today, and become very interested in your Azul Game Engine project.

Making games and making game engine was long time to be one of my dream. I believe that is the best way to express myself. That is also why I am here in DePaul studying game far away from home.

When I was studying mechanical engineering in under graduated school in China (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology), I was totally unfamiliar with programming, but I have some experience of Virtual Reality Technology there, because my mentor researches in that area.)

At that time, I once somehow joined a WarCraft III Mod making community which changes my life. I feel really good in that “half-open-source” map making community.

People help each other, they teach me programming, we share new ideas, and some people spent a lot of time written tutorials for free. With lots of free helping from many 3D model artists, game designers, programmers on internet which we never have a chance to meet in real world, I finally made a quite successful mod of Warcraft III. This experience made me turn to study here and that is also why I extremely agree with the idea of open source community.

I knew the limitation of Warcraft III mod is so huge and I can’t spend more on that dying game which will never belongs to me. So, I am really eager to learn a new engine.

This Azul Project is really what I am looking for!  I’m so excited about this!

Now, I am taking CSC374 fundamental game programming, and I have already decided to take your game engine class next quarter. (A friend of mine also from China took your course and he finally made an awesome engine himself)

I am eager to learn more about all kinds of stuffs in making games by join this project. I’m sure I will be diligent.

What I expect to get from this project:

1. Learn how to use and develop a game engine.

2. Meet friends who have the same dream with me in the community.

3. Get some experience about making games since I have no working experience in a game company.

4. For getting a good job in US, or I may start my own company back to China.


What can I do for this project:

1. I will try my best in learning programming until I can help.

2. I’m good at making 2D graphics, painting.

3. Since I am Chinese, I can translate the documents into Chinese if you need! I think that process will also help me understand the engine deeply.

4. I’d like to help in any way, if I have resources.

5. I will be diligent, because this is what I love!

Oh, I would like to ask, in kick-off meeting, you said that a city in China is all about game graphics? Do you remember the name of that city? I never heard of that as a Chinese.


Jin Han


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