Game Engine Study – Object System Summary

Object System Summary


Sorry that I was not able to create the blog in time, because I’m kind of stack on some problems at the beginning of this term. I move very slowly because I was still not that familiar with C++. It becomes much better after several weeks. Now I get some time to make up for my missing Blog. I decided to write a summary for each topic we talked in class as a review for the course. The first is the object system.

What is an Object?


Object is the container to holds data, it associates like object together.

It can hold different types of data. They generally don’t care what type of data to hold.

Object Services

Provide manipulation to the object system.

Creational: Insertion, Removing.

Searching/Retrieval: Walking the list, finding particular object.

Unique Identifiers

Help to identify which object is what.

String Names, performance is low.

Unique numbers, better choice, can be hash from a string name.


Think about who should own the data before declaration.

Embedded system should know:

Where every bytes of data are all times.

Number of objects and types.

Shared memory pools. (What is available, used or free?)

Need to be centralized

Ownership in manager.

Group by functionality / types.

Resource managers.

Resource pools.

Object Relationships

Related by:

List, Arrays, Associations, Hierarchy.

Memory, performance usage needs to be finite and understood.

Serialization of objects

For Networking, Load/Save, Debugging.

Unique the type of data be stored.

Make the specific data types.


Deep copies with complete sets
Semi static data sets with instance data that allows the data to be specialized


Jin Han
February 15, 2013

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