IGDA TGS Scholar Essay

参加TGS后写给IGDA Japan的短文,反正也大概明说了我们在TGS干了啥。这次东京之行真的很美好!


英语略渣见谅 = =。

IGDA TGS Scholar Essay – Han/Jin 韩珒 DePaul University

First, I would like to thank IGDA Japan that gave me such a good opportunity to visit Japan. I’m a Chinese and I study in USA. This is the first time I visit Japan, and this trip gave me such a wonderful experience that I will never forget. It’s absolutely AWESOME!

During the trip, we visited several game studios, attended Tokyo Game Show, and had party with other game developers. I really learnt a lot from all of these nice event.

One of the best part is that we are able to visit 3 game studio in Tokyo, CRI middleware, Land Ho! and Cygames. We had chance to communicate with these companies directly. They showed us their products, shared the experience of managing the company, and allowed us to see their studio equipment and under-developing games. These three company range from middleware provider to game publisher, so the trip gave us an overall understanding of game industry. Before this trip, I had no idea how actual game industry was, but now I felt better.

CRI is a middleware company, a lot of games including many famous games are using their technology. They show the demo of their product, and their developers explained some details to us. I was not familiar with the products they made, but I’m still impressed by the Alpha movie technology which can play a movie with the alpha channel. I think this technology would be very useful especially on mobile devices.

The manager from Land Ho! told us a lot about developer and publisher and some problems and stories of their company, which we may meet in the future. Land Hoo! has multiple game titles, some are big projects, some are small, and their company is starting from doing something very small. We also visit their studio, we saw a game they were developing, using UDK. Because my own project are also plan to use UDK, I actually got a lot of information by observing what their stuff were doing. (And I decide not to use UDK for my own project after the trip, because we don’t have so many people, even we had spent a month on it)

Cygames has a really really awesome environment for the employees. They have a very nice office with awesome view, they also offer the artist best devices. That’s amazing! I saw illustrators painting some awesome pictures. Oh! I really want to work in that environment.

On TGS, we were able to attend the meeting. On the first day, we heard about the story of the creator of Puzzle and Dragons, his story is quite informative. The managers from several big companies discussed the trend of the game industry. They all mentioned that Chinese main land may be the most important market in the future. As I am a Chinese and my family has an investment company in Shanghai, it’s a really good news for me.

On the second day, we attended Sense of Wonder Night, a festival for indie developer. It gave me a lot of new ideas. I was impressed by the game “Museum of Simulation Technology”, that game is really awesome. We got a change to talk with all the winner after that. Three of them can speak Chinese! I asked a lot of details about their game, and their future plans. I also noticed that over half of the indie game on TGS are using Unity3D as game engine.

After that we went to have dinner with many indie game maker, I’m glad that I met many people from Taiwan. We can communicate with Chinese. I tied their games and we soon become friends. They also shared many information about indie game with me. That was quite a nice night.

I am a big fan of Touhou project, and I made Touhou Douji Games. On the third day of TGS, the creator of the Touhou project ZUN announced his new release of Touhou game on indie game corner, I was manage to see him in real person, but I don’t know what he was talking about and it was too crowded there, so I was a little sad at that time.

But here is what the IGDA scholarship is really awesome for! On the last day, we went to Sony Entertainment Indie Stream Party. On the SCE party, I met Mr.ZUN face to face! He was right there! I got the chance to talk with him! I took a photo with him, and show him some of my work on Touhou Douji Game, I never thought that I could get the chance to do so! This gave my trip to Tokyo Game Show an unforgettable ending.

I also visited several famous places in Tokyo during the time I was in Tokyo. Tokyo gave me such a very nice impression. People here are so nice. The whole city is so clean even it is very crowded. I love animation, manga and games. You can find them everywhere in Japan. I think Japanese treat these “New-Type” arts much seriously than any other country. I really like the environment for game industry here. Tokyo is one of the best cities I ever been. I must spend at least 1~2 years staying here in the future. I’m planning now, really!

At last, I really want thank IGDA Japan again for offering me such a nice chance. I really miss the wonderful time in Tokyo. Thank Mr.Ono, Mr.Masahito and all other friends! I won’t forget this trip in my life!

Han/Jin 韩珒 DePaul University



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